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9 Reviews on “Dracarys Bengals”

  • Jason Sturtz
    1 year ago

    Dracarys Bengals has amazing Bengals. They have been there to answer questions all time of night or day. They carefully choose who they home the Bengals to. Also, they have a great Dracarys family that keeps everyone updated and helps with wonderful advice from previous experiences. It is a wonderful family to be a part of and we are happy to be accepted!

  • Trista Dossett
    1 year ago

    I have a sweet girl from Ashley and I am super happy with her! She’s healthy and an absolute lover!! Ashley has also helped me with a cat I didn’t get from her. She is very well educated in nutrition, and even sends a raw diet recipe within her care packet. Ashley is always there for her cats even after they have left her care! She’s dedicated to them for their entire lifespan!

  • Lindsy Pline
    1 year ago

    Dracarys Bengals are wonderful breeders with the best interest of the kitten in mind. All of their kittens are well -loved and cared for. They enter into their forever homes very socialized and healthy. I have adopted many kittens from them and would to it again without a second thought, as I know I am receiving a healthy, well socialized companion.

    1. Ashley Miller Post author8 months ago

      Thank you so much Lindsy! I love that you all have chosen some of my kitties to be forever family members. You are great for them and I love that you put so much time into your kids and pets! Enjoy your babies!

  • Diana Kessler
    1 year ago

    This is the absolute best breeder ever!! I have three amazing kitties from her . She s always there if I have any questions, and always available to me. If I ever have any questions, she is there for me. She tests her kitties for health conditions..she is very reputable. I highly recommend her!!

    1. Ashley Miller Post author8 months ago

      Awe thank you Diana! I hope you continue to have wonderful days with your girls! Valeria, Raven and Kyra sure are lucky to have such a loving momma to take care of them!

  • Rachel Fetters
    1 year ago

    We have two beautiful bengals from Dracarys Bengals. Ashley really puts a lot of time and effort into socializing her cats, and it shows. Our bengals are very affectionate and love to cuddle – but also love to play! Ashley cares for her cats and evaluates families before placing them to ensure they get the best life possible. She is involved with them even after they leave her home – checking in on how they’re doing and making sure everything is ok. Ashley is a wonderful breeder, and we love being a part of the Dracarys Bengals family. We couldn’t be happier with our kitties Guinness and Cersei!

    1. Ashley Miller Post author8 months ago

      I am so glad you have them! You and Dan are wonderful cat parents and have given my babies such a great home. I can’t ask for a better family thank you again for trusting me to be your breeder!

  • philip Lowe JR
    1 year ago

    So I got my 2nd Bengal Perseus from Ashley, She has been nothing but exceptional the entire time and has even helped me out with AKI my other bengal because the other breeder chooses to pretty much not answer texts or phone calls. Perseus is very well socialized, behaved as far as bengals are concerned and Healthy. She is very attentive to any cat or cats she places with someone to make sure they are going to the right home. Do not hesitate to do adopt a beautiful kitten from her!

  • Sarah Kaneshiki
    12 months ago

    Ashley was the best! The application form was pretty detailed, which was a good sign; to me it showed that this breeder really cared about where her kittens were going. She sent me pictures and videos of rakino’s development almost weekly. She made special accommodations for me when I told her I was moving across the country (pa to ca). My baby was delivered to me(you still need to pay for delivery of course, but the person who transports them is extremely reliable and keeps you informed every step of the way!). She also gave me a great care packet that was very useful! She’s always available if you have any questions and is extremely knowledgeable. Rakino made it to me safely and happy. He loves it here:) thank you, Ashley!!!

  • Samantha Sandau
    12 months ago

    Purchased sisters from Ashley, she kept me updated with pictures and videos and answered any questions I had. Was willing to work with me on some details to make sure my girls are taken care of. Came updated on shots and spayed along with a starter kit of some of the food they ate at the cattery and a blanket and toys. Both girls are very lovey, not skittish at all. Getting your own dragon makes you part of the family, there are many of us out there for support and to share how are dragons have grown along with cute or funny pictures.

  • Kiki Littlefish
    9 months ago

    Ashley is an amazing breeder, knowledgeable and passionate about the breed. She does all proper health screening and takes very good care of her cats and kittens. If you want a HEALTHY well socialized kitten with support of the breeder I highly reccomend Dracarys Bengals!

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