As a Verified Bengal Breeder, I agree to the following code of ethics:

1. I will be discriminant in my breeding program and only breed cats of excellent health, temperament, and proper breeding age with the goal of meeting the Bengal standard as closely as possible.

2. I will test all my breeding cats for PKDef and PRAb unless I can be certain of their status based on lineage.

3. I will screen all my breeding cats for HCM beginning at approximately one year of age or before breeding and approximately every 12-18 months or as recommended by my feline cardiologist for the duration of their breeding career.

4. I will not breed any known carriers of genetic diseases to each other, nor will I breed two cats of unknown status to each other.

5. I will breed only when I can be relatively certain of finding excellent homes for all the kittens I produce and will keep every kitten that has yet to be placed in an excellent home. I will refrain from breeding additional litters if there appears to be a shortage of interested parties.

6. I will keep accurate and honest records of all breedings, registrations, and health for all my cats and kittens.

7. I will be honest in my advertising and in my dealings with other breeders and buyers, including providing a contract with health guarantee for each Bengal I sell.

8. I will breed only breed Bengals to another breed for specific reasons and will be honest in placing these outcross kittens.

9. I will only sell/place kittens/cats that are healthy and free from any signs of disease and/or parasites.

10. I will only sell/place kittens/cats of stable temperament and with appropriate homes based on individual personality.

11. Any cat with a defect will be either kept by myself or placed in a home that has been properly notified of said defect.

12. I will vaccinate for rabies in accordance with local laws. I will vaccinate for other diseases based on veterinary recommendation, current research, and level of risk.

13. I will use flea/tick/deworming and antiparasitic protocols carefully and based on veterinary recommendation, current research, and level of risk.

14. I will test all cats in my household for FIV and FeLV to ensure negative status of my cattery.

15. I will not declaw any cats without medical indication and will forbid declawing of any cats that I sell.

16. I will place cats in other breeding programs discriminately, making sure the buyer understands the expense and time involved and has adequately prepared.

17. I will require that any cat or kitten sold by me be returned if the buyer is unable or unwilling to keep it and I will – to the best of my ability – assist in rescuing and rehoming any cat or kitten sold by me if I learn that it has been abandoned or abused.

18. I will provide the highest quality food, housing, and care for all my cats and kittens at all times and put the well-being of my cats as top priority for my breeding program.