Why Is This Directory Different

The purpose of this directory is to connect people interested in purchasing Bengals with REAL, ethical breeders who are doing what is right for the breed!  Our central directory will eliminate worry about scammers, kitten mills, and unethical breeders.  We have been breeding Bengals personally since 2008 and have been troubled by how often unknowing pet buyers are duped. There are scammers with completely fake catteries. There are people selling regular tabbies advertised as purebred Bengals. There are even legitimate breeders selling kittens at top prices with bad heart murmurs or genetic defects that show later in their lives! Previously no one had attempted to make a searchable database to thwart these issues, and we aim to be the go-to reference for truly top accredited breeders.

Scammers & Unethical Breeders

You may be unaware of kitten scammers, but these people steal real breeders’ photos off the internet and use them to extort money from innocent Bengal kitten shoppers as payment for kittens that are not even in their possession.  They can be very convincing and even have nice looking websites with low pricing that is too good to be true!  Another common occurrence is people breeding Bengal mixes or advertising regular domestic tabbies as Bengals.  A domestic tabby can be a wonderful pet, but if you are paying top dollar for Bengal, a purebred pedigreed Bengal is what you should get!

Also troubling is the vast number of Bengal breeders that are NOT doing even the most basic health testing available to ensure they are selling healthy kittens!  Kitten shoppers are often unaware of the health problems that can occur in the breed and how ethical breeders can EASILY prevent some of these problems.

Our Standards Are High But Necessary

EVERY breeder listed in our directory is verified by us to ensure they are registered with an accredited breeding agency, provide contracts and health guarantees to their buyers, as well as conforming to strict health testing requirements!  We do everything we can to verify our members so that you as a kitten shopper have the best chance of finding your perfect Bengal.

Verified Bengal Breeders have met or exceeded the following standards:

  • Registered with an accredited registry – this is necessary for your kitten’s registration and pedigree to be legitimate.
  • Provides a sales contract including health guarantee for each kitten – you are spending your money and committing your heart to your new kitten.  A sales contract with health guarantee is essential for protecting both the buyer and seller as well as ensuring your breeder has a stake in the health of your kitten.
  • Has agreed to our Verified Bengal Breeders Code of Ethics. Click Here
  • Has DNA tested all breeding cats for PKDef, PRAb, and PKD with the exception of cats who have known CLEAR tested parents.  – why is this important? Click Here
  • Has had a board-certified feline cardiologist screen every breeding cat for HCM before breeding and every 12-18 months for the duration of its breeding career. – why is this important?  Click Here
  • Has a spay/neuter policy including either spaying/neutering your kitten before it leaves the breeder’s home OR has a clause in their sales contract which requires you as a pet owner to do so.  Don’t want your Bengal spayed/neutered?  LINK COMING
  • Has a NO declaw clause in their sales contract – why is this important?  Click Here
  • Has attested that they are an FIV/FeLV free cattery by testing all cats in their household, including any household pet cats.

Safety For Our Breeders

Some breeders in this directory allow visitors into their cattery while others don’t.  While our cattery personally allows visitors by appointment, we are aware that some breeders fear for their own or their cats’ safety or fear being targeted by animal rights activists and for this reason may not allow visitors.  Breeders that do not allow visitors MUST be willing to share photos and videos of their cats and cattery and preferably live video or video interaction such as Facetime or Skype.

Thank you for visiting the Verified Bengal Breeders directory!  Good luck in your search and congratulations on your future family member!  Please tell your breeder you found them here.  We appreciate each and every one of them who are doing things right to protect our beloved Bengal breed and the families and individuals who love them!!!

Travis & Lori Denley

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Lori Denley
Author: Lori Denley

Breeder located in Western North Carolina and creator of verifiedbengalbreeders.com