Our directory is different because healthy bengal cats & kittens are priority #1.

We know that finding a reputable breeder for your future bengal kitten can be overwhelming. There are lots of bengal kittens for sale out there, a broad range of prices, and a lot of potential pitfalls. We make it simple by providing you with a search engine that displays only the most trusted bengal breeders near you. Search our database and filter your results by area, health information, delivery options, and more. Learn more HERE.

The huge importance of heart screening in bengals and why you as a buyer should care.

All breeders on this site have proven to us that their studs & queens are regularly HCM screened. Untested breeders may carry a very common heart defect that can severely affect your potential kitten. Some catteries rely on the testing results of their breeders’ parent and don’t test themselves. Some breeders don’t screen at all. These breeders rely on you as a buyer being unaware of the potential risk. Be a smarter buyer and learn more HERE.

You get what you pay for with bengal kittens.

From a breeder’s perspective, there are lots of costs that go into running a respectful and thorough bengal cattery. These costs do reflect in the kitten’s price, so purchasing a cheap kitten will get you poor results almost all the time. It may be tempting, that low-price bengal kitten, but what you would be supporting is the equivalent of a backyard breeder. They may not even have breeding rights and are therefore illegal. To learn about the different issues that can arise, click HERE. [Link coming soon.]

What to expect from your bengal kitten.

There are many myths and common misconceptions out there about bengals. In all fairness, a bengal’s personality will differ from cat to cat. You need to be able to trust your breeder because they are the ones that spend very valuable time around these kittens and their parents. Let’s explore some of the things you need to know about bengals before you start shopping around and getting your heart set on a specific kitten. [Link coming soon.]